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When you wake up in the morning, we have Eastern Breakfast and Green Jasmine. In order to keep you awake, we have Afternoon Tonic, Sweet Vanilla, Blackcurrant Mango and Black Jasmine. And to cheer you up, you could find some tea flavors invigorating your mood such as Peppermint Green, Caramel, Java Orange Pekoe, Passion Guava, Pure Peppermint and Blackcurrant Surprise. To those yearning for just relax and looking for enlightenment could choose Earl of the Orient, Earl Grey Green, Pure Nirvana and Oolong Tea. The highest tea quality at the Tea Lounge is White Tea, White Jasmine and Vanilla White. .

Green Tea

In general, black teas have many health benefits one of them being the high level of antioxidants. In black teas, there exists Flavanoids which helps reduce bad cholesterol levels, reduces chances of suffering from stroke, and gives one a healthy heart.
The caffeine content in black teas is high and helps increase energy levels. The level of caffeine in black teas is lower than that of coffee. Theophylline is another substance in this tea variety. It stimulates the heart, respiratory system and kidney and this increases the health of these systems and organs.
Black teas vary in color that is from the reddish brown to real black. This is attributed to the difference in periods of fermentation. The processing determines the taste to some extent but black tea grown under different climatic conditions and soil also tastes differently.
Our fine black tea produced by factories in West Java and some from South Sumatera. We have Afternoon Tonic, Java Classic, Java Orange Pekoe, Sumatera Blend, and Eastern Breakfast.

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Black Tea

Green teas produced mostly in West Java. They have a light green color and a delicate taste. In areas where green tea is produced, people take 5-6 cups every day and this shows that they have made it their main beverage. Research shows that tannin and catechin which are the main ingredients in this tea variety can lower mortality rates for cancer when consumed in sufficient amounts. Catechin which is the main ingredient in this tea prevents cholesterol from building up excessively.
Green teas are known to deter food poisoning because it is capable of killing bacteria. People have even treated diarrhea by consuming strong green tea. The tea is also useful in sterilizing instruments from bacteria that causes food poisoning.
Our green teas include Java Green, Green Jasmine, Peppermint Green.

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White Tea

White tea is the most delicate tea to make. Among the major types of teas, white teas are the ones that were introduced last. The only tip of the top that are right enough to be cultivated are picked and processed handmade. Therefore white tea is the most expensive one among variety of teas available in the market.
According to recent scientific results, white teas have the highest level of antioxidants. This includes effects on the level of cholesterol, anti-cancer potential, antibacterial properties and helping people lose weight. The catechin polyphenols in white tea variety falls under flavenoids which are responsible for inhibiting cancer cells from growing. They also prevent free radicals from being active.
Our selection of white teas are White tea, white jasmine, white vanilla bourbon.

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