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The idea of sharing our living room so you could relax and sip a cup of fine brewing tea will definitely set up your mood the way you want it. We serve specially hand blended and crafted innovatively everything about tea. Hot or cold, milk or honey, either way enjoy a cup of an extraordinary tea at these spectacular tea retreats. From Afternoon Tonic to Black Jasmine , from Green Jasmine to Pure Nirvana, you will be delighted in the refreshing ambience

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Good tea that is produced from the crown (pecco) plus 2-3 young leaves because the young leaves are rich in compounds called polyphenols, caffeine and acid amen. These compounds will affect the quality of color, aroma and bitter flavor of the tea. The main basic black tea processing is the use of the oxidation of polyphenolic compounds contained in tea leaves. This oxidation are also known as fermentation. Based on the nature of fermentation known three kinds of tea products, namely: Black Tea, Green Tea and Oolong tea. Black tea in the treatment process to give full opportunity the fermentation that will change color from green to brown and the drying process to turn black. While green tea does not allow fermentation, usually shoots of tea in the process directly with steam to stop the activity of the enzyme so that the same as the raw leaves. Another with oolong tea is generally produced from tea plants that grow in semi-tropical regions. The process is the same as black tea but the fermentation process is only partially (30-70% shorter) so that the color and aroma between black tea and green tea.